Dr. Christina Fulmer: Missionary in Kenya

  Dr. Christina Fulmer

  Cherith Youth and Conference Center, Kenya

  Baptist Bible Fellowship International



October, 2012

Dear Pastor and Helpers in the Harvest,

Election Day is upon us again.  For believers, voting often poses nagging doubts and some confusion.
We want the best for our country and want the Lord to be pleased with our decision.  Much prayer and,
in some cases, fasting is practiced while asking the Lord for direction and peace in the final outcome.

In March, Kenya will also vote again for new country leaders.  President Kibaki has completed his last
5 year term and cannot be reelected. The current Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, has thrown his hat into
the ring, so to speak, with the hopes of becoming the new president.  

Kenya has a large Muslim population.  To date, this has never been a big problem, however, in the days
leading up to the last election in 2007, Raila Odinga made some ‘secret’ promises to the Muslim
community, to take effect if he won the bid for President. He did not win, but was installed as the Prime
Minister after the month long post election violence died down.  The promises he made to the Muslims
were never made public, but now with the possibility of him winning this election, questions are beginning
to arise as to just what those promises were and how they will effect Kenya’s ‘open religion’ stance.  

In addition, Kenya has sent troops into Somalia to help guard the borders between our two countries. This
action has infuriated the Muslims living in Kenya.  Because of this military action, Al Shibob, Kenya’s branch
of Al Qaeda, have began attacking Christian churches.  The usual method is to throw hand grenades into the
front doors of the church during the worship service.  Once they explode, armed men enter the building to
complete the slaughter.  This scenario has repeated itself a half a dozen times in the past few weeks.  

It is my personal belief that as this election will be a pivotal point in U.S. history and future – so it will be with
Kenya. We, as your missionaries desperately need your prayers for peaceful election results in March, peace
to reign throughout the country, and peace and safety in which to continue representing you and your church to
the lost in Kenya.

Thank you so very much for your generous support - - and faithfulness to this ministry.  May we find God
Himself to be our peace, both here and abroad.

Serving the light – In the Dark Continent,