The Russells: Missionaries to the Maasai
  The Russells:  Reaching the Maasai in Maasai, Mara, Kenya, East Africa

  "Lakini mimi na nyumba yangu tutamtumikia Bwana"  Joshua 24:15
  ("...Choose you this day whom ye will serve;
   ....As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.")

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The Russell family has been serving as missionaries in Africa since 1992.  Their first assignment was located in the Eastern reaches of what is now called the Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly known as .  After 17 months at this location, God in His sovereignty placed them in during the genocidal atrocity of 1994. Evacuating to , they saw the impossibility of returning to Goma, and began to look for a place to serve the Lord in .  In April of 1995, God in His providence led them to establish a new mission station and a new church among the Maasai tribe near the main gate to the famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve where they service to this day.  Pray for the Russells as they labor to bring the wonderful good news of the Messiah to the lost tribesman of the Maasai.

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